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Phooey - Jean-Michel Basquiat
“I don’t think about art when I’m working. I try to think about life.”— Jean-Michel Basquiat More than perhaps any other artist of the 20th century, the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat continues to burn with urgency. It remains relevant, vital, undiminished by the decades since his passing. His life, though
Valium - Damien Hirst
“Great art — or good art — is when you look at it, experience it and it stays in your mind. I don’t think conceptual art and traditional art are all that different.” — Damien Hirst If you needed one word to describe artist Damien Hirst, you couldn’t do much
Holiday - KAWS

October 15, 2021

The Power & Whimsy of KAWS

Brian Donnelly (aka KAWS) has ascended to the highest realms of living artists. His work is everywhere, from galleries to shopping malls. His reach extends around the world — Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo and New York City. How does one man gain such crossover appeal? It all comes down to
Productivity Booster Photo Collage
When we think of experiencing Art, we usually think about standing in a gallery or museum. We tilt our heads to the side. We talk about the use of color. Or maybe we scratch our heads and move on to the next piece. But Art can be a powerful creativity
Who's on your wall - photo collage

September 15, 2021

Who’s On Your Wall?

Warhol? Basquiat? Banksy? Mr. Brainwash? The art on your walls says a lot about your personality. Like the fashion you wear or the car you drive, your art is a form of self-expression. Art is power. You can transform the experience of a space by hanging a single, sublime image.

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