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Photo of very large artwork

July 15, 2021

Size Matters

Art comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s a reflection of humanity’s experience of life and the individual artist’s perspective. So it’s no surprise that artwork mirrors all the colors, shapes and sizes humans can imagine.  The many shapes of artwork might surprise people new to the art scene. Of
Street Art - Photo Collage
Basquiat, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, KAWS, Mr. Brainwash — these major names in the art world all began on the street. The rebellious legacy of this form reshaped the cultural landscape, with work garnering millions at auction and the style influencing generations of painters, graphic designers and just about
Well Known or Emerging Artist - Photo Collage
“What artists should I be collecting?” It’s one of the most common questions an art advisor hears. And believe it or not, there isn’t a simple answer. There are so many types of art available at so many different price points. The variety means that the answer to this common
L Isoleucine Methyl Ester - Damian Hirst
In many ways, geometry is the basis of art. The combination of shapes allows artists to depict the world or experiment in abstract designs. Some uses of geometry in art are obvious, others are more subtle. The closer we begin to examine, the more we can appreciate the wonderful ways
Artwork's Rapid Rise in Value - Photo Collage
The art market is an interesting place — that’s putting in mildly. Prices fluctuate all the time. When people purchase art, they are working off of a lot of unique data. An art buyer has to ask themselves: ● What are the current trends in taste? ● Where are these

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